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Sharidon's Archer

Sharidon’s Archer is a moderate framed, muscular, 100% New Zealand Kiko buck.  Archer was selected to be one of Sharidon Farms 100% NZ Kiko foundation herd sires because not only did he exhibit the characteristics we expected in a herd sire, but it was clear that the animals in his pedigree consistently passed these traits to their offspring.  We looked for foundation animals that had excellent confirmation and good muscling, yet were of moderate size and were able to thrive and produce under forage conditions with early maturity and fertility.  It was also critically important for these genetic lines to be proven to show disease and parasite resistance, generation after generation. 

 Like his sire and grandsires, Archer is consistently producing big, meaty kids who are even better than their parents.  Archer’s kids have an ADG of 0.44 lb.   Archer has never needed worming, nor have any of his kids or grandkids.  Archer passes on the color in his pedigree, his kids even out of white does are showing lots of color. 


Sharidon’s Archer, 100% NZ Kiko buck, shown at 2 yrs old

Archer’s sire, Cherokee Fiddler

Archer’s paternal grandsire, Loverboy

Archer’s paternal granddam

Archer’s maternal grandsire, Nick

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Sharidon's Brawn, son of Archer

Sharidon's Beauty, daughter of
Archer with twins

Doe and buck kids sired by Archer

Sharidon's Bling, daughter of Archer,
out of Sharidon's Ariana

Daughters sired by Archer

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