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Sharidon’s Foxy

Foxy is a very nice black/white face ½ blood Lowline cow. Her sire is a registered fullblood bull, Sharidon's Stormy making her a Lowline Moderator Plus cow. Shown here as a 5 yr old cow, you can see that she has excellent confirmation, a nice level udder with good teats. She carries some black around each eye, a very desirable trait in white faced cattle. Foxy has raised both natural ¾ blood Lowline calves as well as fullblood Lowline embryo calves.

Brambletye Admiral TRA J222
ALM Wrangler
Brambletye Little One J223
Sire: Sharidon's Stormy
TRA M206 Midshipman
LB Belle 42J
Brambletye Freegirl J203
Dam: F1 Herford Cow

Sharidon’s Marissa, daughter of Foxy

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