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Sharidon’s Jake
100% American Aberdeen bull
DOB 2/15/12
Price $1,150

Sharidon’s Jake is a 5 year old 100% American Aberdeen bull. Out of Ms Brenton and sired by Sharidon’s Derek, Jake is a very thick and meaty bull. Jake is assertive breeder, but is very gentle and easy to handle. Here is a great bull in his prime ready to service your cows this spring. Sharidon Farms will retain rights to register offspring from this bull from matings made using semen already collected on this bull and in their possession. Semen collected on Jake was of very high quality, with 2hr post thaw motility of over 50% with 73% normal morphology.

  Bow Lad
Sire:Sharidon’s Derek
Animal: Jake
  Eliza Park Brenton
Dam:Ms Rocking Brenton 253K
  Glen Innes N14

Sharidon’s Lynn, daughter of Jake

Daughter of Jake

Son of Jake

2015 son of Jake



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