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Sun Creek's Diana

Full blood bred American Aberdeen cow
Born 4/02/1999

Diana offers you unique genetics. She is a half sister to the heavily muscled SCR Dominator and the Australian cow, Casuarina Becky from whom limited numbers of frozen embryos have been made available for sale here in the US. Diana is a large volume cow with a beautifully attached udder.

  Commodore Tra J001
Brambletye Commodore III
  Trangie J033
Sire: Glenfiddich Angus P03
  Trangie H155
Glen Innes L434
  Glen Innes G438
  Trangie F022
Trangie J216
  Trangie F203
Dam: Casuarina Adeline Tra L2
  Trangie E195
Trangie H020

Trangie C124

Rosie daughter of Diana

Sharidon’s Erin daughter of Diana

Rosie daughter of Diana with Rosie’s calf, Cisco. Ciscos was sired by Sharidon’s Domino

Diana’s half sister, another daughter of Casuarina Adeline

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