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About Sharidon Farms :: American Aberdeen Cattle Breeders and 100% NZ Kiko Goat Breeders

Sharidon Farms is a small family farm located approximately 40 miles NE of Kansas City. We want to know what is in our food and where it comes from so we decided to settle on a small farm so we could grow some of it ourselves. 

We raise fullblood American Aberdeen Angus cattle of superior genetics, selling both registered American Aberdeen breeding stock to others as well a limited amount of all natural, grass finished beef.

We also raise and sell registered 100% New Zealand Kiko meat goats. We utilize multi-species, rotational grazing practices to make most efficient use of our farm forage.

Sharidon Farms

Why American Aberdeen (formerly Lowline)

We started out raising beef for our own needs and found ourselves expanding to accommodate requests for beef sales to family, friends, friends of friends, etc. Direct marketing of our beef provides us with a significantly higher level of income per animal produced than selling feeder calves to the local sale barn.

Our customers are looking for the health benefits of beef naturally finished on grass,without the use of hormones or antibiotics. This all natural product commands a higher price in the market.  It also fits well with our desire to pursue highly sustainable agriculture methods.  These are also less costly and labor intensive for us than feeding grain.

Lowlines  consistently produce very tender and well marbled beef from an all forage diet, without any of the "special feeding" to produce or the "special cooking" warnings you commonly see with other forage based beef.  We would never have continued Raising American Aberdeens if we had to convince our customers to "adjust their palates" to accept the grass-finished beef flavor or to provide them with meat tenderizers and special cooking instructions when they bought our beef.


Why Kiko Goats?

We were looking for a suitable animal to add to our multi-species grazing program.  We were raising nd grazing American Aberdeen cattle and also had a team of draft horses.  This combination along with a rotational grazing program greatly increased the diversity of grasses and legumes within our pastures.  However neither of these species are effective in utilizing weeds or brush.  By adding Kiko goats we can utilize even more of the available forage. 

Goat meat demand in the US has continued to rise and the demand is being met by imports of goat meat.  So with a ready market for the meat and breeding stock, it was a matter of selecting a breed appropriate to our management practices.  We selected Kiko goats based on two primary characteristics.  The first is that they have been selected for generations for natural parasite resistance.   The second is that they are prolific producers on primarily forage and have strong maternal characteristics.   

We both work full time off the farm as well and managing our farm as efficiently as possible is crucial to our success.

Rotational grazing allows us to naturally raise our livestock on forage alone on a small acreage and saves us time by reducing our day to day labor.  Instead of harvesting and taking feed to the livestock, we take the livestock to the feed.  In addition, we reap the benefit of on-going pasture improvement by the natural distribution of free fertilizer they leave behind as they graze through a paddock.

American Aberdeen cows calve easily unattended and the calves are vigorous, up and about immediately.  Kiko goats are also known to have strong maternal instincts and kids are up quickly.  This is very important to us since we do work off the farm and are not always immediately at hand during calving/kidding.

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Answers to common questions about Sharidon Farms
  • What we eat has a significant influence on our physical and mental health
  • Livestock fed and raised on grass are healthier animals and they produce meat and eggs with higher amounts of beneficial fatty acids (omega 3) and less omega 6 fatty acids 
  • Humans are thought to have evolved with a diet of a 1-to-1 ratio of omega 6 (n-6) to omega 3 (n-3) and the optimal ratio is thought to be 4 to 1 or lower
  • A high proportion of n−6 to n−3 fat in the diet shifts the physiological state in the tissues toward the pathogenesis of many diseases
  • We use management practices on our farm that allow us to balance our day to day work on the farm with our full time, off-farm careers, selecting the right types of animals and proven genetics is a key factor to success
  • Keeping the animals in the field as much as possible reduces our workload
  • Rotationally grazing maximizes forage and reduces exposure to parasites
  • Investments have been made in providing access to water and fencing to subdivide grazing
  • When we do have to feed hay we usually take it out to the fields
  • 3-sided shelters are provided for our livestock in inclement weather
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