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Raising   American Aberdeen  Cattle
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We will regularly update this page with short articles on topics that are targeted to those who are considering Raising American Aberdeens and to those who are still new to the breed. We have found the American Aberdeen cattle breed to be an extremely profitable and successful breed for our small farm. We'd like to share our experiences of things we have tried while Raising American Aberdeens, both what we have found works and what doesn't work for us. This information can help you in your quest to create a profitable small farm raising these delightful American Aberdeen cattle.  

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Why American Aberdeen (formerly Lowline)?

We talk to lots of people about American Aberdeen cattle. Frequently folks are just learning about the American Aberdeen breed and of course they want to understand what benefits that Lowlines offer. This holds true whether they are completely new to raising cattle or are experienced cattlemen.

What makes Lowlines a good opportunity? This question may be answered differently for different people depending on their goals and the personal plan they develop for raising and selling American Aberdeen cattle.

Besides the enjoyment and personal satisfaction in Raising American Aberdeens, people want to know, can we make any money raising and selling American Aberdeen (formerly Lowline)? For us the answer to this is definitely, yes! We have been very successful in using the American Aberdeen breed to meet our business and personal goals for the farm. In our opinion the American Aberdeen breed offers a unique profitable business opportunity in a number of possible markets that other breeds can't match.

Before investing in Lowlines just like making any type of investment it is important to understand some of the basics about the market you are entering. You won't know everything when you get started and you don't have to know everything before getting started. After all sometimes it is being open to trying new things and willing to observe and learn from your experiences as you go along that will lead you to new innovations and market opportunities you would never have thought to include in your plan.

However, you want to have some direction in mind for marketing your animals if you intend to make a profit. It is perfectly ok to plan to raise these animals for your personal pleasure and personal use. But knowing what if any income you want your Lowlines to provide to you will help you determine how to structure your investment and help you in making decisions on what is most appropriate for you to buy to get started.

Some of the potential market opportunities that exist for American Aberdeen cattle include raising them for beef, raising breeding stock, show cattle and homesteading. Lowlines are beef cattle. You can take the animal from birth to plate if you want to and it will maximize the dollars that go to you the producer to direct market your beef. More and more customers are looking for the health benefits offered by grass finished beef. Lowlines are extremely well suited to providing this market. Lowlines have tremendous potential benefit to commercial producers in right sizing commercial cattle as well as providing great genetic traits for carcass production. American Aberdeen breeding stock have been and continue to be in high demand.


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