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  American Aberdeen  Cattle for Sale

Please review the registered American Aberdeen cattle we are offering for sale at this time.

We also have American Aberdeen frozen semen and embyos available. Please visit our American Aberdeen Genetics page for more information.

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American Aberdeen Cows and Heifers for Sale

Sharidon’s Nadia is a ¾ blood Moderator American Aberdeen heifer out of the Moderator Plus ½ blood Sharidon’s Foxy and sired by fullblood American Aberdeen bull, Sharidon’s Liberty. Here is a heifer with both eye-catching color and ample muscling.
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American Aberdeen Bulls for Sale

Sharidon’s Jake is a 5 year old 100% American Aberdeen bull. Out of Ms Brenton and sired by Sharidon’s Derek, Jake is a very thick and meaty bull. Jake is assertive breeder, but is very gentle and easy to handle. Here is a great bull in his prime ready to service your cows this spring. Sharidon Farms will retain rights to register offspring from this bull from matings made using semen already collected on this bull and in their possession.
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Sharidon’s Nitro is a ¾ blood American Aberdeen yearling bull. Out of a ½ blood Lowline/Herford cow, Sharidon’s Frosty and sired by 100%NZ American Aberdeen bull Sharidon’s Kelean. Although his dam is a black white face cow and her natural calves typically are also black, white face, this little bull is all black. Nitro has been DNA sire verified. As expected from a ¾ blood this yearling bull is already larger than his 100% American Aberdeen peers who are several months older. With both parents registered by ALR, Nitro is considered a Moderator American Aberdeen Bull. These bulls will maintain themselves on less feed than is required by a full size crossbred animal and used in your breeding program can help moderate size and improve feed efficiency of your your herd allowing you to wean more pounds of calf per acre.
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